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Lead Front-end Developer


At MessageBird we provide a series of products and integrations for customers to use our platform. Whether it’s our extended online dashboard, our Developer Portal, our Help Center, or our beautifully crafted landing pages: we aim to use the latest front-end tech wherever possible, making it increasingly simple for our customers to reach anyone, anywhere in the world.

As a Lead Front-end Developer at MessageBird you’ll head up our team of driven and talented front-enders, working together to add to our set of exceptional communication products. You’ll work within and alongside our Product and Tech teams to take our platform to new heights of usability and functionality. You’ll create roadmaps using frameworks like React to make our dashboard more robust and engaging and use your experience to implement better solutions and architectural improvements as you see fit.


  • Oversee and review work of other frontenders
  • Set out roadmaps together with other leads for big projects
  • Guide less senior frontend team members when needed

  • Work on different aspects of our user dashboard and websites (including messagebird.com, our Developer Portal and our Help Center).

  • Maintain our front-end code using the latest best practises when it comes to asset management and scalability

  • Optimize our front-end code for performance

  • Stay up to date with the latest tools and libraries to benefit performance, development speed and user experience

  • Work on interfaces that thousands of people use every day, sending millions of messages


  • 6+ years experience in a relevant role
  • Expert knowledge of Javascript and CSS preprocessor languages, along with sound knowledge of the latest HTML and CSS practises
  • Highly experienced with Javascript frameworks - we’re using React
  • Good understanding of PHP in front-end (e.g. looping partials, ternary if statements)
  • You’re comfortable working with RESTful web services within web applications
  • Excellent debugging and investigative skills; you’re capable of finding the cause of an issue quickly
  • Firm understanding of how the browser works: you’re capable of explaining it to a 5 year old
  • Experience with both automation and package management tools like NPM, Yarn, Bower, Gulp, Webpack and Composer
  • Intimate knowledge of Git
  • You enjoy hacking things together to create a proof of concept, but you’re very critical of the code you push to production
  • Fluent (speaking and writing) in English

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated!