Senior Voice Engineer

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Senior Voice Engineer


At MessageBird we operate a highly available and distributed infrastructure to make, receive and control voice calls. The voice team develops, manages and maintains the applications and infrastructure for calls, media, recordings, and transcriptions.

As a Senior Voice Engineer, you will design, develop, deploy and operate services to deliver highly available, low latency voice services to our customers. You will be responsible for continuous deployment at scale to ensure quality and security challenges and reach high availability goals.


  • Design, develop and implement SIP and real-time streaming infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure is highly available, performant, fault tolerant and scalable.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure is instrumented and monitored.
  • Build modules and add-on services for software such as Kamailio and Asterisk.
  • Set up and manage interconnections with suppliers.


  • A minimum of 5 years experience operating SIP infrastructure, preferably in a telecom and/or cloud communications environment.
  • Solid understanding of the SIP protocol and real-time streaming protocols. You must be able to troubleshoot problems at a protocol level.
  • Extensive experience with software such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio or other similar VoIP-related offerings.
  • Experience building distributed, highly available, performant and scalable systems.
  • Experience with cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or similar) is preferable.
  • Experience with modern scripting languages, preferably Go.
  • Exposure to Kubernetes, Docker or other similar container based systems.